The mysterious case of the spinning chess board

by Walter van Niftrik on 03 May 2012

Several linux users have reported that the chess board in DreamChess keeps spinning around on its own. We’d really like to fix this bug, but unfortunately we cannot reproduce this problem. We’re looking for someone to help us out with this, so if you have the spinning board problem and are able to build DreamChess from source, please contact us (feedback at Thanks!

Moving to SourceForge

by Walter van Niftrik on 23 Oct 2011

Due to the closure of BerliOS at the end of this year, we have moved the project to SourceForge.

DreamChess 0.2.0 released

by Walter van Niftrik on 18 Nov 2007

Over a year has passed since the first release, and we are now happy to present DreamChess 0.2.0. DreamChess is a 3D chess game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The new release can be downloaded from our website at

New screenshots

by Walter van Niftrik on 14 Nov 2007

The screenshots have been updated to reflect the upcoming 0.2.0 release. DreamChess 0.2.0 will be released on Saturday November 17th.. stay tuned!

Ubuntu 7.10

by Walter van Niftrik on 03 Nov 2007

DreamChess 0.1.0 packages are now available in Ubuntu 7.10.